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New PC (Laptop)

General Forums Yesterday, 08:28 AM
I'm getting rid of my PC (for various reasons) and I'm looking for a laptop. I know I would be better off with a desktop PC, but I need to have a laptop instead of a PC for reasons I will disclose later.   My requirements are: Should cost less than 1000 euro. Should be suitable for a casual...
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Arma2 OA broken :/

DayZ 18 Apr 2014
Hi guys   I'm having a bit of trouble here. I built myself a gaming rig and downloaded all my arma games and dayz and stuff on it. I was able to play on overwatch and so on... Now i downloaded taviana.com on Dayz commander and suddenly Arma 2 shows up in a yellow color in the mods section. I...
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General Forums 15 Apr 2014
Happy birthday to the ultimate fragger, Hedgehog!   May you roll up in a ball of epic spikes, or collect rings for many more years!  
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Your favorite weapon?

DayZ 07 Apr 2014
What's your favorite weapon? Doesn't have to be the most powerful one, just the one you like the most.   For looting I like a silenced assault rifle. For some reason I like the G36SD for that the most. Although I like the M4A1 CCO SD as well.   For PvP (or clearing missions) I rather u...
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What do you drive?

Off-Topic 06 Apr 2014
So, since i got a new toy yesterday i decided to make a new thread about it, because why the fuck not? What's everyone driving? how old is your vehicle? do you drive it daily or is it just for weekends or hauling stuff around? I currently drive this car: It's a 2003 Ford Focus And since yesterday...
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